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Todd Bostock
May 22, 2016 | Todd Bostock

The Washington Post :: The next time you want to drink wine outdoors, try popping a top.

Jon Bonné & The Washington Post talk wine in cans & 2015 Dos Cabezas WineWorks Sparkling Pink...

From the article: " of the more novel efforts this year: a slightly fizzy rosé from Dos Cabezas Wineworks in Sonoita, Ariz., made mostly of grenache from the Cimarron Vineyard, high in the desert plains in nearby Cochise County. Winemaker Todd Bostock created his own, which will be sold in New York and Arizona for $12.50 in a decorative tallboy can with a rose on the front, after taking cans of Infinite Monkey on a Colorado camping trip, “There’s all these places that beer gets to go that wine should get to go, too,” Bostock says..."


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