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Kelly Bostock
December 4, 2015 | Kelly Bostock

Jefferson Cup Award Winners

Dos Cabezas 2012 La Montaña and 2012 Àguileòn take home the Jefferson Cup for Red Vinifera Wine.  See the full list of winners here:  The Jefferson Cup Invitational

"Although many expect California to dominate the awards, Jefferson Cups were won by eight other states: Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Washington State. California never dominated, with two Cups compared to Missouri’s nine Cups, New York’s six Cups and Michigan’s three Cups. Having never won before, New York’s Wagner Winery won two Cups; Arizona’s Dos Cabezas Wine Works won two Jefferson Cups as well. Frequent winners shone too: Missouri’s Stone Hill Winery won three Jefferson Cups and Ladoga Ridge Winery won two Cups. Michigan’s St. Julian Winery and Washington’s Brian Carter Cellars won two Cups as well."



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