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Kelly Bostock
November 3, 2015 | Kelly Bostock

2013 Meskeoli Makes Stuart Pigott's Riesling Revelations List

From Pigott's Blog:

"How could a blend of Picpoul Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne, Albarino, Muscat, Malvasia and Riesling from Arizona taste any good? Winemaker Todd Bostock’s ‘Meskeoli’ not only taste great, but it also tastes as if blending this seriously weird mix of grape varieties was the most natural thing on earth to do. When I first tasted it in the appropriately named Asylum Restaurant of the Grand Hotel of Jerome, Arizona this October the earth moved. It took some time from me to move from a state of wonder to thinking more logically about this wine. Then it struck me that together the Riesling (15%), Albarino, Muscat and Malvasia (3% each) formed a silver thread of mineral freshness that was perfectly interwoven with the richness of the Viognier (25%) and the Roussane (13%), the Picpoul Blanc (38%) filling out the middle. Somehow this mad melee of grapes also results in a serious complexity of aroma. Riesling blends are seriously cool and this wine shows why!

This magnificent piece of Riesling madness costs just $28 direct from Dos Cabezas."


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